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Paris Hilton paraded around Aspen, CO in the snow on December 26, doing some post-Christmas shopping with "BFF" Brittany Flickinger. Side note: I wonder how long PH is contractually obligated to hang out with this girl?

While Paris' outfit of course screams "look at me!" and is incredibly over the top, I have a few suggestions for you of ways to emulate this look without going totally overboard. Paris started with a fur lined sleeveless hoodie, which is similar to Hank Vintage Threads' way cuter Give Peace A Chance Hoodie in Olive, and paired with a leopard sweater over an exotic tiger print graphic tee. If you are into the leopard look, take a look at Julie K Handbags' Natalie Sleek Clutch in Leopard, or if you want to avoid leopard but stick to the exotic theme, check out Signorelli's Long Sleeve Logo Tee with Rhinestones in White.

Just make sure to pick one or the other... don't do both! Next up, Paris slipped into a pair of light brown pants (like Desert Blue's The Phoenix Skinny Jean in Palmwood) and tucked them into a pair of furry boots, and finished her look off with a pair of oversized sunglasses. Oh Paris, you're never one to disappoint! It seems like unfortunate things are always happening to Paris, as I'm sure you're aware that over $2 million of jewelry and personal objects were stolen from PH's home recently, and now Paris is thinking that the robbery may have been an inside job. She says, "I think whoever did this definitely has been there before. We have some suspects." Paris also added that she's willing to let bygones be bygones if the burglars return her prized jewels. "They just have to anonymously have a taxi drop it off in my front gate in a box with my jewelry and everything. They won't get in trouble." I doubt that's gonna happen :)

Paris Hilton seen in Aspen, CO.

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  1. coffee // February 13, 2009 at 2:07 PM  

    i think Paris' loss teaches us all a valuable lesson: "don't leave millions of dollars worth of jewelry sitting out where someone can pick it up and walk out with it."