Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Off Her Shiny Legs

Gwyneth Paltrow's beautiful legs got great attention on the tv show not as much for their amazing Pilates attitude but it makes them curious ... gloss. "What Was That Shine All Over Gwyneth Paltrow's Beautiful Legs on 'The TV Show'?" Gawker asked briefly after it showed. The users of Twitter and some bloggers were also buzz about the greasy gams, making jokes about “Shine” the name of her oft-slandered lifestyle spot.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The theory which is popular about it that somebody smeared lotion on her leg too much before she went to the stage. It seems like viewers not the only who seen her legs had a little-glossy look after one of the commercial break.

It only goes to show celebrities can not escape with too much moisturizing. Hopefully Gwyneth's shiny legs did not totally distract from a rather entertaining interview with Conan O'Brien. What piqued my interest more than her greasy gams was the fact that she allows her 3-year-old son Moses to listen to his Uncle Jay-Z's "99 Problems"!? It's not exactly the Wiggles.

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