Online shopping is the way of modern busy people purchasing their need these days. The year 2009 is the point when the shop started losing its fight against the internet. IMRG, the online retail industry body, reported that online shopping have increased 34 percent last year. And by 2016, Industry insiders predict that the online fashion business will account for 13 percent of the fashion market and be worth some billions., a dedicated fashion website offering cut-price labels and celebrity style, recorded a 118 percent year-on-year increase in last December’s sales figures. Another fantastic figures are made by George at Asda which launched online last year. They already get more than a million customers a week. And Jigsaw, which launched its website last November. Also reports healthy figures. Thay have become a modern-day phenomenon.

Not surprisingly, the other giant followers are joining the wave of success. Some of them will be :
John Lewis who has launched a “Basic Deluxe Collection”, which they say yields a higher return on “cost per wear”. A sumptuous Boyfriend Cardigan in silk/angora is sure to be on the backs of many a yummy mummy this year. He’s been interested to start an online shopping business soon.

Retail giant Tesco has also declared plans to start selling its hugely successful clothing ranges Florence + Fred and Cherokee online this autumn. If you think that you can’t wait any longer for the whole collection, you can browse for a limited selection at The current F+F kimono flower-print dresses, a striking purple ruffle-bib blouse with coral pencil skirt and the double-breasted, big-buttoned navy jacket with white wide-legged trousers are some strong offer that you can look forward.

Although the move of online shopping trend seems unavoidable, there are a few retailers who insist to give their focus on their stores only. So far, Primark mentioned that they don’t have any plan for an online platform. The statement was also supported by H&M, which has websites in the Nordic countries but have no plans to launch one for UK customers this year. They spokesperson mentioned that they are planning to open 225 new stores worldwide instead.

Gap, which sell online in US, is rumoured tobe launching in the UK soon. According to David Smith of IMRG, they’d better doing it soon. Regarding to this, delaying mean they miss the fashion boat. In other word, they risk losing out to first-mover advantage. David also said that "Online shoppers have their favourite websites just as they have their favourite high street shops."

Mary Portas, the resident Queen of Shops, says that she’d be looking to online shopping for her growth. What about her mantra? Do the best retailers provide a total experience? She then says "Online shopping is about accessibility and shopping when you want, how you want. Shopping online is the perfect solution. Middle and lower ends of the retail market will lose out to the internet."

Somehow, many think that shopping for clothes is all about top designers and about feeling the quality of the fabric. When they’re shopping online, they will of course not able to feel the fabric’s quality. But Siobhan Mallen, an associate editor of Grazia, suggest that you will not think about all these when you can get such on-trend bargain. They often measure supermarket clothes on their pages. "Dressing stylishly is all about the mix," says Mallen.

Mallen also believes that onlune clothes sites are riding high because of “the guilt factor” it's not the time to be seen with shopping bags from Bond Street. "It looks like showing off," she says. So, there won’t be any jealous looks on the bus. Even, there’s no spouse asking what's in the bag, because you will get them online.

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