Have you ever found a perfume or cologne that you knew was the perfect scent for you? I have and I have found it more than once. But, I love a good perfume when I find one. And find one I have! There is a great scent that I have found by the makers of Bijan called Bijan Black. A co-worker of mine and I went in together and found it at a website that sells fragrances at a discount.

I used to wear a scent called Venezia that was by Laura Biagiotti. That was back in the late 1990’s when Biagiotti was pretty big then. That was a scent that was absolutely romantic with deep, woody undertones with a fresh scent layer on top. So of course after I fall completely in love with, what happens? The scent is discontinued. Yes, discontinued. But hopefully, with my new Bijan Black scent, I won’t have that happen to me. Bijan seems to come out with new scents pretty regularly and they also make scents for men AND women. If you order the package (like I did) you can also get the bath gel and the body lotion all in one with the perfume. This is a good deal because everyone knows that in order for a perfume to have a lasting effect, you have got to layer it, meaning, put on the first scent, then layer it with the second and third scents, etc.

Check out Bijan Black. Let me know what you think.

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