Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oil and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body pleasant smell. It is part of beauty treatment and will enhance makeup, hair and most importantly one’s mood. There are several benefits of using fragrances.
Fragrances not only make you smell good but it also attract opposite sex. It is important that you choose the right fragrance for you.

Fragrance relieves stress by calming your nerves. It can boost your mood and make you feel more sensual. It can be the first thing noticed on you or the last thing remembered.

Fragrance completes your look. It should be use daily as a part of your routine. It is something personal. It reflects your personality. It reacts differently on individual skin. It may smell good to others but it doesn’t mean it will smell the same on you. When purchasing perfume, you have to apply it on your pulse and allow it to dry naturally.

Different kinds of Fragrances:

The most strongest and concentrated in fragrance oil. It contains a hundred of ingredients. The mixture is normally aged for one year. It contains around 20-50 percent aromatic compound and it last for up to 6 hours or more.

Eau de parfume
This is lighter in fragrance and less expensive. It contains 10-30 percent aromatic compounds and it last to 3-5 hours.

Eau de toilette or EDT
This will last for up to 2-4 hours. It contains 5-20 percent aromatic compounds.

Eau de cologne or EDC
It’s the least concentrated. It contains 2-3 percent aromatic compounds and it last for 2 hours.

Some of the popular scents used in perfume:

Flowers and blossoms – is the largest source of aromatics. It includes rose, lavender, jasmine and some blossoms from citrus and ylang-ylang tree.

Fruity, citrus and spicy – fresh fruits such as apple, strawberries and cherries. They don’t really yield the expected odors. If these fragrances are in the bottle, they are synthetic. Grapefruit, oranges, lemon, lime and citrus are the most common fruits that yields aromatics from rind.

Musk and pheromones – an animal source from musk deer, it has now been replaced by the use of synthetic musks due to its price and various ethical issues.

Classic woodsy scent - It provides a base note to the perfume. Most commonly used wood includes sandalwood, rosewood, birch, agarwood, cedar and pine.

Sporty scents and Oriental

Fragrance Tips:

1. When buying a perfume. Apply the perfume to you skin, on your pulse. You can get the true reaction of the fragrance from your skin and not from the bottle. Let it dry naturally. Allow the heat of your body to react with the perfume and then you smell it. Do not try more than 3 perfumes at once. It will decrease your nose ability to tell the difference.

2. When applying perfume. Avoid using it near your eyes or behind your ears. It doesn’t last long on those areas and it will only dry your skin. Apply the perfume on you pulse, behind the neck and let it dry naturally. The heat of your body will react with the scent and it will give a delightful smell. When you are using eau de perfume, cologne and toilette. You can spray and dab it on your skin. These fragrances are designed all over the body. You can try spraying it on the air and walk into it, to have a head to toe experience. Whatever you type of fragrance you use, just don’t over do it.

Do not put perfume directly on fabrics and jewelry. They can cause stains and discolorations on your clothes. The best is to put perfume before dressing up.

To keep the fragrance last longer, you can try layering. You can do it by using several products such as scented bath soap, body wash or bath oil then followed by body lotion or cream and dust with powder to set the fragrance. For night time use try Eau de perfume rather than Eau de toilette. Eau de perfume is much deeper and it last longer. It will make your night more sensual. Avoid wearing strong perfume at work or in the office. Some people are allergic to strong smell and it causes headache and sometimes asthma attack.

3. When storing your perfume. Keep the bottle tightly capped in upright position. It can turn rancid or evaporate if not capped tightly. It should be keep in a in a cool dark area, away from the sun preferably in the box. A cool dark place will prolong the life of your perfume.

Feel Good and Smell Good :)

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