Keira Knightley attends British Independent Film Awards, fashion hit not sure

Being a “Pirates of the Caribbean” fan, I must admit having this sort of special treatment over Keira Knightley; can’t help it, I love the girl.

Anyway, why I’m mentioning of special treatment is because sometimes it’s hard for me to be objective with Keira’s looks without me considering the actress’ unpredictability.

Take for example her look at the 2008 British Independent Film Awards in England yesterday (November 30). Clad in a black and white high-necked gothic lace dress, I’m not actually sure if I’ll give this look a ‘hit’ rating.

For one, the look seems too creepy for an awards event. Her hair wasn’t really at its best, and her make-up’s not really flattering.

But then again, Keira’s always been known for being ‘different’, so I guess that can be a good excuse. And I guess I’ll just leave the decision in your hands; love it or hate it?

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