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Lindsay Lohan was spotted doing some last minute holiday shopping on Christmas Eve, December 24, at a Diesel store in LA, with (of course) Samantha Ronson in tow. Seriously, does LL ever hang out with anyone else? I mean, usually when two people are dating, they spend most of their time with each other, but not ALL of their time together!

What happened to any friends that either of the two had? I guess Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are like Heidi and Spencer in the fact that they've totally ditched everyone else in their life for each other. Sad! But I digress. For Lindsay's outfit, she went with plaid and leather, two very familiar looks for her these days. She started with a ruffled plaid shirt (check out LaROK's adorable Zooey Top in Multi) over a long white tank (like Zoa's Logo Camisole in White), and then picked a black leather bomber jacket (Gold Hawk's Ribbed Motorcycle Jacket in Black is a great wardrobe staple).

Down below, Lindsay Lohan of course chose black leggings (for an alternative to black, check out Zoa's Logo Long Leggings in White) with a rockin' pair of knee-high flat boots, and finished things off with an enviable Chanel tote. While this outfit is completely typical LiLo, she definitely makes it work. And it's also good to see that she fixed that hair extension that was trying to run away from the most recent entry! While there's no question that Linds looks a little (okay, a lot) worse for wear here, it might be due to rumors that she and Samantha Ronson had a massive fight the night before.

According to TMZ, it all went down the night before at Sam's home, when a source says Lindsay and Sam "were going at it for a long time, but it reached a crescendo at around 4:00AM after one of them screamed at the other, ‘You never say you love me.’" The source went on to say, "The screaming continued and neighbors heard a glass break. Sam then screamed, ‘If you’re gonna break things get out of my house.’ One neighbor described the conversation as ‘wailing, with lots of obscenities.’” Eesh, these two are always love or hate!

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