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Not missing a chance to toast to the holidays, Kirsten Dunst stumbled out of Bardot nightclub in Hollywood on Dec 19 for the second time last week. Though her first night out was spent with a gal pal, this time Kiki was escorted out of the bar by a mystery man helping her keep her balance.

Clad in a typical lackluster ensemble, Kirsten Dunst started with an old fashioned polka dot frock (create your own holiday look with Zoa’s Polka Dot Ruffle Blouse in Black with a loose skirt like Shumaq’s Satin Bell Skirt in Black) with a long camel hooded overcoat (try Ingwa Melero’s elegant Velvet Coat with Frog Closure in Espresso) and comfy wedge heels. Feeling festive with her cherry red Chanel purse (though it’s a different shape, Rocco e Dante’s Rocco East West Bag in Red Patent is to die for), matching lacquered nails and lips, at least Kiki looked like she enjoyed her fun filled night.

What do you think of the ‘fit? Though the night out was a bit premature, Kirsten Dunst did have something important to celebrate over the weekend: a Los Angeles judge awarded her request for a permanent restraining order against her psycho stalker Christopher R. Smith. A

fter he was arrested trying to break into her home in November, Mr. Smith was placed under a 72 hour psychiatric hold, during which he claimed that he and Kirsten have a “spiritual connection” spanning from a past life. In his statement to police, Mr. Smith said: “I’m in love with Kirsten, so I went to her house, I don’t want to go to jail. I hope to get off with a warning. I connected with Kirsten spiritually, I felt like I connected with her and she connected with me. Now I don’t know if she did, I guess you have to ask her if she connected.” With all the crazies in the world, hopefully this one will be deterred by the seriousness of the restraining order – for Kiki’s sake!

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