French and English brides traditionally express the naturalness by white flowers of orange . If you will listen to this pure tradition, then you should that the chord of orange in fragrance of the bride would be really suitable. Even if to lower the most easy option of the comparable aromas (Fleur d` (L`Artisan Parfumeur), 4 Fleurs d` oranger (Prada), Fleurs d`Oranger (Serge Lutens)), the list is quite long: A Taste of Heaven (by Kilian), Cuir Venenum (Parfumerie Generale), Enslaved (Roja Dove), White Floral (Pecksniff`s), Deseo (Jennifer Lopez) and some else things.

Flowers of white lily are also popular in Christian tradition, as they are symbolizing purity and chastity and, consequently, have the special relation to bouquet of the bride. Aromas 17/17 Elle (Xerjoff), Un Lys (Serge Lutens), Lys Mediterranee (Frederic Malle), or Lys 06130 are also made on the basis of bouquet, surrounding the note of a lily.

Ta`if (Ormonde Jayne) the Jasmin, whose garlands fasten the marriage unions of hindus, is not a traditional flower of the Christian wedding. However, exciting aroma of jasmine bushes can become the main note of open air celebratory celebration. And consequently - Joy (Jean Patou), A la Nuit (Serge Lutens), Sampaquita (Ormonde Jayne) and series Les Divines Alcoves (Crazylibellule and The Poppies) are also recommended.

Roses are the most popular in wedding bouquets though it is necessary to be more attentive: the dark dismissed flowers symbolize the mature tempted woman, and innocent girls will accept light pink buds. And in both cases they should give artificial aroma: roses of floral artists do not smell strong. In this case it is recommended to use Ta`if (Ormonde Jayne), the most suitable variation from family Paris (Yves Saint-Laurent), 100 % Love (S-Perfumes), Paestum Rose (Eau d`Italie) and Bryant Park (Bond #9).

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