Those, who have ever been engaged in actual shopping, understand that this work is not multikilometer running with the purpose to come to end as soon as possible, but it is the process, capable to bring pleasure and to charge. Nevertheless, for this purpose it is essential to go to "right" shops. Known British magazine Obzerver has entered into top-ten best shops of the world - teenage Moscow clothes boutique has also got into this list.

In hot Observer (Sunday supplement of the British newspaper Guardian, one of the oldest and most influential mass-medias in the world) top-list of the best boutiques of planet - The 10 Best Boutiques of the World - is published. In ten best shops legendary Parisian Colette, London Dover Street Market, Tokyo Restir, New York Opening Ceremony have entered. Russia in is represented with the Moscow boutique Cara&Co.

Cara&Co makes quite successful attempt to embody spirit of modern Moscow: haute couture clothes are represented on the background of extravagant rough brick walls. In shop the mix of things of Russian and western designers, antiques, bags of the Victorian epoch and strong espresso are on sale.

Here is the full list of 10 best boutiques in the world:
1. Restir (Tokyo)
2. Browns (London)
3. Cara&Co (Moscow)
4. Colette (Paris)
5. Vertice (Turin)
6. Dover Street Market (London)
7. Opening Ceremony (New York)
8. Carlson Ahnell (the scanner, Sweden)
9. Pool (Munich)
10. Five Colours Earth (Shanghai)

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