European on women's rights, entering into parliament of the European Union, insists on consideration of the new law forbidding use of women as sexual target and eliminating any gender stereotypes in advertising.

If corresponding laws will be accepted, existence of advertising videos with the beautiful women, representing magnificent perfumes, clothes or underwear, will be under the question. It is strange even to assume, but with new position smart advertising of underwear giants Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur and the most known top-models of the world, invited for shootings, will come to the end. And for certain we will never see advertising, like a video (1994), where naked Eva Herzigova, representing Playtex Wonderbra, says ″Hallo, boys!″ to spectator.

The project of the new law has been made by a member of the European parliament, Eva-Brott Svensson. In opinion of the politician, the laws forbidding propagation of sex, discrimination and inequality, should appear in each country entering into the European Union (27 countries).

Svensson has also sharply condemned excessively thin models, having declared, that these ladies create wrong values in consciousness of young girls. We shall remind that the given question already for a long time is hotly discussed by the European public and even has threatened carrying out of the future London Fashion Week.

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