There is nothing better for a woman than to be pampered and made to feel like a princess, especially given how busy life seems to have become for all of us.

Come to think of it; it is this hectic day and age which likely has much—if not everything—to do with the popularity of bath and spa gifts. What better way to show someone you care than to give them a gift that will make them feel incredible while also helping them to unwind.

Bath and spa gifts have come a long way since the days where soap was really your only options. These days you can fill a basket with dozens of products, from soaps and lotions to scrubs and masks and still have dozens of other goodies left to choose from!

There was also a time where ‘scented’ items were hardly scented at all compared to the ├╝ber-fragrant treats you can find these days. And the endless array of scents—delicious and absolutely delectable scents from luscious fruity ones to glorious florals! Oh my!

The makers of bath products have even managed to somehow capture the true essence of comforting scents that once could only be found when walking past freshly washed laundry swaying through the breeze on a line or when walking along the seashore on a warm summer morning.

How to Choose The Right Bath and Spa Gift

It’s no doubt that the endless array of bath and spa gift options available make it easier to find something for everyone regardless of their tastes, but how do you choose the best one when there are so many? Here are a few tips to help you find the best bath and spa gifts for your friends and family so you can really wow them on Christmas, birthdays and any other day for that matter!

* Think of the person you’re buying for. I mean REALLY think of them and resist the urge to choose what YOU are drawn to and really think of what the receiver of the gift would most enjoy. Bath and spa gifts are personal and somewhat intimate as far as presents go so you don’t want to push your tastes on someone else but rather choose something that they would be drawn to.

* Think of their lifestyle when choosing the gift. Is it for a busy mom who could really use a pick me up? Maybe it’s for someone who has been under a lot of stress? Consider products that are infused with essential oils that encourage relaxation, such as lavender or citrus blends to help re-energize.

* Think of the whole package. By this I mean don’t just pick one random item but consider a few smaller goodies that go hand in hand. For instance giving someone a tube of foot scrub seems a little silly and gives the impression that you just grabbed the first thing you saw. Instead, that tube of foot scrub in a basket along with some effervescent foot soak tablets and pretty pumice all of a sudden becomes a thoughtful gift for someone who can pamper their feel after a long day at work.

* Think outside the box. Bath and spa gifts may seem like a great gift choice for the women in your life, but don’t let the dainty florals and pretty colors fool you, because with a little imagination you can turn one of these gift baskets into a romantic surprise for a couple by adding two glasses and a bottle of wine to the basket containing bath goodies like soaps, bubble bath and lotion. Toss in a candle to really help a deserving couple set the mood.

Bath and spa gift baskets can be a great gift option for just about anyone in your life regardless of age, gender or taste as long as you take the time to personalize it by putting a little time and thought into it. And unlike many other gifts; these are the type that just keep on giving long after the packaging has been torn off, the Christmas tree taken down or the birthday candles blown out.

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