Leather, deerskin, fox fur trim, nylon and calfskin are the typical materials used to make Prada handbags. For the clasps, strap hooks and buckles, Prada uses only high quality hardware such as gold and silver.

The full flavor that Prada brings to the customers can be seen from its distinguished designs, antiqued finishes and contrast stitching. And yet, there are simple designs such as pleats, gathers and drawstrings for some others. Simply said, everybody gets their own little uniqueness.

Many Prada handbags are completed with magnetic snap closures and zippered inner pockets to make it easy to keep your cosmetics and other items. Prada also provides identification tags, key rings and cross body straps to accommodate customers’ needs.
And one important thing that cannot be left behind, Prada logo plate is prominently displayed in order to make people aware that you are carrying the “real” Prada handbag with you.

A variety of neutral colors come for Prada handbags to emphasize their functionality and practicality, including camel, champagne, pewter, white, black, and natural canvas. While for seasonal lines, animal patterns or brighter colors are used to make more distinctive prints for Prada products.

One of the popular line made of selected leather that has been naturally cured and tanned is The Prada Milano handbag. “Prada” pattern is attached on the interior lining, and it has a marbleized “swing” handle. Some handles measure approximately 4 1/2 inches high, and 3 inches wide.

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Prada 1M0201 Leather Black

Prada 1M0506 Lambskin Black
Prada 1M0201 Tessuto Black

Prada 1M0506 Leather Black

Prada Pouch 1N1441 Green
Prada Pouch 1N1441 Coral

Prada Pouch 1N1441 Black
Prada Pouch 1N1441 Turquoise

Prada BL0378 Tessuto Royal Blue
Prada BL0378 Tessuto Green
Prada BL0402 Chevron Quilted Coral

Prada BL0402 Chevron Quilted Black
Prada BL0402 Chevron Quilted Turquoise

Prada BL0404 Chevron Quilted Green

Prada BN1605 White

Prada BN1336 Green
Prada BN1336 Coral

Prada BN1338 Royal Blue

Prada BN1338 Coral
Prada BN1338 Black

Prada BN1542 Chevron Quilted Turquoise
Prada BN1542 Chevron Quilted Coral

Prada BR3799 Pink
Prada BR3799 Turquoise
Prada BT6671 Turquoise

Prada BT6671 Coral
Prada BT0500 Chocolate Brown

Prada BT1738 Green

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