I probably am not in the mood to make a ‘positive’ review on the star’s looks today.

Well there was that quite boring and safe look of Jennifer Aniston at the “Marley and Me” L.A. premiere. Now here’s Salma Hayek at the 2nd Annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Dubai Gala.

Okay, trying to look at the positive side of the actress’s look, Salma has always managed to bring the glamour in every look she puts on, and this one isn’t an exception.

However, I don’t think Salma’s glamour was enough to make this look a hit. Personally, I don’t think the gown brought the best in her. Putting that bluntly, it was quite ‘heavy’ for the eyes to take.

It was just an ugly gown for me with a not-so-great ‘do and a not-so flattering jewels.

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