Penelope Cruz is always lovely. She’s classy, she’s glamorous, and she has this way of carrying out a look like no one else does.

But no matter how much I love Penelope’s sense of fashion, I guess there really would come a time when I’d have a hard time deciding if she had a fashion hit or otherwise. Like this one she had at the opening of the Unbreakable Kiss Mistletoe installation in Madison Square Park in New York last Monday (December 1).

Love it:

Wearing a Chanel Spring 2009 suit, Penelope indeed showed a more toned down and mature look that’s just right for the occasion. And when it’s a prim and proper look, I guess nothing can beat Chanel on that department.

Hate it:

Honestly, I kind of don’t like those black accents on the dress. I personally think the whole look lacked something and that is ‘glamour’.

Well I guess I’ll just have you decide for yourself whether this is a fashion hit or a fashion miss.

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