Most Romantic Movies

The Most Romantic Movies ever!

1. The Notebook

The Notebook (New Line Platinum Series)

THE NOTEBOOK is an engaging love story that even Guys might enjoy. I did. James Garner is one of the most beloved screen veterans, and Ryan Gosling as Noah's younger self is totally likable. McAdams as Allie is effervescent and positively radiant. As a period piece, i.e. that part taking place before and immediately after the war, it's sumptuously photographed with contemporary costumes, hairstyles, music, and lots of vintage automobiles. And the sequence shot in the sunken forest amidst the migrating waterfowl was breathtaking in its beauty. The Notebook

is an all time favorite of everyone who loves romantic movies. This outstanding touching love story will surely become your favorite too…

2. Dirty Dancing (1987)

Dirty Dancing (20th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]

This movie is magic, something more than the ordinary romantic movie. Everyone who has seen Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze dance into our hearts in this movie will remember it forever…

3. Titanic (1997)


Titanic is one of my favorites movies of the 90s. It’s something magic, fascinating and unforgetable about this love story. Leonardo diCaprio is the poor Jack, and Kate Winslet is the rich but unhappy Rose.

4. Notting Hill (1999)

Notting Hill (Collector's Edition)

An easy-going romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. She is a famous star and he’s just an ordinary man, but the feelings between them are the same anyway. The movie is fluff, pure fantasy, and it requires a huge suspension of belief - but it's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. See it with someone you love and just sit back and enjoy a great evening.

5. Gone With the Wind (1941)

Gone with the Wind

This is by far the most classic romantic movie all times. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh will always be remembered for their amazing characters in this movie. Vivien Leigh is Scarlett to Clark Gable's Rhett in cinema's greatest epic of passion and adventure. With its immortal cast, magnificent cinematography and sweeping score, this cherished classic continues to thrill audiences today.

6. Grease (1978)

Grease (Rockin' Rydell Edition)

One of the most famous romantic movies ever without doubt. This is a romantic movie with plenty of music, plenty of dance and lots of feelings.

7. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman (15th Anniversary Special Edition)

Pretty Woman I am sure you all have seen Pretty Woman at lease once in your life. But even so, you might want to see it again!

8. Wall-e

Wall-E (Widescreen Single-Disc Edition)

Wall-e is the newest cartoon from Pixar and Disney, and this cartoon can kick butt of any romantic movie out there. WALL-E has just raised the bar for future animated movies. Pixar Animation Studios has already crafted many animated classics. The visuals are compelling, the characters are endlessly endearing and the story is told with beauty, wit, imagination and humanity. I couldn't have asked for more.

9. Legends of the Fall (1995)

Legends of the Fall (Special Edition)

Legends of the Fall This is one of the most sad, touching but wonderful movies ever. It offers love, war, daily life and love and anger within a family.

10. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Full Screen Edition)

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are both excellent in this entertaining, amusing and funny romantic comedy. Kate and Matthew have so much chemistry on screen that they sizzle. This is such a fun movie. There are many funny moments, and some touching serious ones. You will want to see it over and over again.

11. Moulin Rouge (2001)

Moulin Rouge! (Widescreen Edition)

Nicole Kidman is the beautiful Satine and Ewan McGregor is the writer who becomes her lover. They love each other deeply but there are lots of complications on the way and Satine isn’t well.

12. A Room With a View (1986)

This is a beautiful and terrific movie starring Helena Bonham-Carter, Daniel Day-Lewis, Maggie Smith and other great actors. It’s a beautiful story about a girl who meets a guy, but will their love be able to survive?

13. Just Like Heaven (2005)

Just Like Heaven (Widescreen Edition)

Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo both realize that they have feelings for each other after lots of fights and complicated problems. There’s only one probem, she isn’t alive. Or is she?

14. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain (Widescreen Edition)

This movie is a three times winner of the Academy Award and it surely deservs every one of them. See Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in a movie different from every other romantic movie.

15. Stepmom (1998)


Julia Roberts is the stepmom and Susan Sarandon is the biological mom. From the beginning they can’t stand each other but when one of them get’s really sick everything changes.

16. A Lot Like Love (2005)

A Lot Like Love (Full Screen Edition)

They have fun together, they like each other but they are totally different from one another. They make a great couple but will they realize that before it’s too late?

17. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You've Got Mail

They are enemies in real life, but they have a crush online. Will she be able to forgive him for what she think he has done to her in real life?

18. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbor (Two-Disc 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition)

This is an interesting, sad and touching story, where you can see what war can do to a human, how much you can lose, but also how strong love can be. Love has no rules. It happens when we least expect it, often when we don't want it, many times when we can't handle it. It often times scares you, surprises you, shakes you down to your very core. It is a very full-toned and haunting picture. To say that it was the very best film that I have ever seen would simply trivialize it, because it is much more than just a movie. This movie is not for everyone. But if you are willing to open up your heart and mind a bit to let in its beauty, emotionality and sensuality you will not be disappointed. In fact... you will be renewed.

19. Armageddon (1998)


An exciting, fascinating, sad but also beautiful story where Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler are all excellent. This is a classic already and a movie you wouldn’t like to miss.

20. The Wedding Planner (2001)

The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez is the wedding planner, and Matthew McConaughey is the groom to be. The question is, who will he marry? An easy-going, sweet romantic movie that is worth being watched.

21. Runaway Bride (1999)

Runaway Bride (Widescreen Edition)

Julia Roberts is the bride who run away before she gets married every time. Richard Gere is the reporter who is going to write a story about her new upcoming wedding.

22. Love Story (1970)

Love Story

This is one of the most beautiful, sad and touching movies ever. Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal makes a wonderful couple and their love reaches our hearts immediatly.

23. Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually (Full Screen Edition)

They’ve made Bridget Jones’s Diary and they’ve made Notting Hill. This is another funny and entertaining romantic comedy, full of life and full of love and intrigues.

24. Working Girl (1988)

Working Girl

Melanie Griffith is the sweet woman who wants to have a career but who has met too many bad persons on her way.

25. The Perferct Man (2004)

The Perfect Man (Widescreen Edition)

Heather Locklear is the mom who is desperately searching for a relationship, and Hilary Duff is the teenager who tries to help her mom in every way.

26. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Bridget Jones's Diary

Renee Zellweger is so fun as the unmarried, insecure Bridget Jones in this terrific movie. The story contains love, sex, loneliness and plenty of humour. Will Bridget get a man in her life?

27. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)

Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan in a beautiful romantic movie with good times as well as bad times.

28. 50 First Dates (2004)

50 First Dates (Full Screen Special Edition)

Drew Barrymore is the girl who suffers from memory loss, and Adam Sandler is the playboy who falls in love with her.

29. America’s Sweethearts (2001)

America's Sweethearts

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts are two sisters very different from each other in this movie. One is a famous movie star and the other one is just an ordinary girl.

30. Elizabethtown (2005)

Elizabethtown (Full Screen Edition)

Another movie with Kirsten Dunst. Here with Orlando Bloom in the other lead character. A very funny movie but also very sad.

31. Wimbledon (2004)


Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany is a cute couple in this movie about a young tennis player on her way up and an older player on his way down.

32. Persuasion (2007)


A romantic movie based on one of Jane Austen’s books. Just as romantic and old fashioned as one could expect. It’s a classic already even though it’s recently released.

33. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon plays the smalltown girl who moves to the big city and gets a career. She’s getting married but first she needs to divorce her teenage love from the hometown.

34. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock is falling in love with an unconscious man in this wonderful movie. The story gets complicated since his family thinks that she’s his girlfriend.

35. A Walk to Remember (2002)

A Walk to Remember

A movie to remember with a terrific Mandy Moore in the lead. A trustworthy, touching story that you won’t forget ater you’ve seen it. Well written and absolutely worth being watched.

36. Casablanca (1943)


This movie is one of the most famous romantic classics ever. It’s still one of the most popular romantic movies even though it’s more than 60 years since it was released.

37. Save the Last Dance (2001)

Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas makes a perfect couple in this romantic movie containing happiness as well as problems and sadness.

38. The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

The Bridges of Madison County

If you’re thinking of Clint Eastwood as a brutal cowboy without feelings you better think again because in this movie he’s excellent in the lead role where he’s playing against Meryl Streep.

39. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

When Harry Met Sally...

This is a true romantic classic starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. It’s romantic as it should be and most of all it’s funny. I love this film, and I’m sure you will do that as well.

40. There’s Something About Mary (1998)

There's Something About Mary (Full Screen Edition)

Cameron Diaz is excellent as Mary in this funny and sweet movie. This movie is very easy-going and there are no sad moments.

41. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Four Weddings and a Funeral

See Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell in this movie full of happiness, love but also sadness. If you choose to watch this movie you will get plenty of laughter but also some tears.

42. Shakespeare in Love (1999)

Shakespeare in Love (Miramax Collector's Series)

Take the chance to see a totally different side of William Shakespeare than you’re used to.

This movie is one of the most endearing and intelligent romantic comedies of the '90s, the Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love is filled with such good will, sunny romance, snappy one-liners, and devilish cleverness that it's absolutely irresistible. With tongue placed firmly in cheek, at its outset the film tracks young Will Shakespeare's overwrought battle with writer's block and the efforts of theater owner Philip Henslowe (Geoffrey Rush, in rare form) to stage Will's latest comedy, Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter. Jokey comedy, though, soon takes a backseat to ravishing romance when the beautiful Viola De Lesseps (Gwyneth Paltrow) disguises herself as a young man to wangle herself an audition in the all-male cast, and wins both the part of Romeo and, after much misunderstanding, the playwright's heart.

43. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Sleepless in Seattle (10th Anniversary Edition)

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are playing the lead characters in this extremely funny and entertaining movie. This is one of those classic romantic movies that you should see.

It's a romantic comedy, of sorts. The romance is airy and distant, because the lovers never meet until the final scene, and the comedy is kind of wistful, because it was directed by Nora Ephron. She is still a writer at heart, and it shows-there are scenes here that linger well past their bedtime, all for the sake of a few good lines. Tom Hanks plays Sam, left miserable by the death of his wife, with only his young son, Jonah (Ross Malinger), to console him. The consolation goes a bit far; Jonah rings up a radio talk show to say that his dad needs love (this is almost unwatchable, but grit your teeth and stay with it). Many listeners melt with sympathy, none more so than Annie (Meg Ryan), in Baltimore, shortly to be married and none too happy about it. For the rest of the movie, fate-and Jonah-do their best to bring the couple together, despite the continent that divides them.

44. Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Something's Gotta Give

This is a terrific romantic movie starring great actors like Jack Nicholson, Keanu Reeves, Diane Keaton and Amanda Peet. The movie has won several awards and it deservs every one of them.

As upscale sitcoms go, Something's Gotta Give has more to offer than most romantic comedies. Obviously working through some semi-autobiographical issues regarding "women of a certain age," writer-director Nancy Meyers brings adequate credibility and above-average intelligence to what is essentially (but not exclusively) a fantasy premise, in which an aging lothario who's always dated younger women (Jack Nicholson, more or less playing himself) falls for a successful middle-aged playwright (Diane Keaton) who's convinced she's past the age of romance, much less sexual re-awakening. As long as old pals Nicholson and Keaton are on screen discussing their dilemma or discovering their mutual desire, Something's Gotta Give is terrific, proving (in case anyone had forgotten) that Hollywood can and should aim for an older demographic. Myers falls short with the sitcom device of a younger lover (Keanu Reeves) who wants Keaton as much as Nicholson does; it's believable but shallow and too easily dismissed. Myers also skimps on supporting roles for Frances McDormand, Amanda Peet, and Jon Favreau, but thankfully this is one romantic comedy that doesn't pander to youth. Mature viewers, rejoice!

45. Cruel Intentions (1999)

Cruel Intentions

It’s full of evil and hate but also the most important of all, love! Reese Witherspoon is excellent as always and Ryan Phillippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar does great jobs as well.

This modern-day teen update of Les Liaisons Dangereuses suffered at the hands of both critics and moviegoers thanks to its sumptuous ad campaign, which hyped the film as an arch, highly sexual, faux-serious drama (not unlike the successful, Oscar-nominated Dangerous Liaisons). In fact, this intermittently successful sudser plays like high comedy for its first two-thirds, as its two evil heroes, rich stepsiblings Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe), blithely ruin lives and reputations with hearts as black as coal. Kathryn wants revenge on a boyfriend who dumped her, so she befriends his new intended, the gawky Cecile (Selma Blair), and gets Sebastian to deflower the innocent virgin. The meat of the game, though, lies in Sebastian's seduction of good girl Annette (a down-to-earth Reese Witherspoon), who's written a nationally published essay entitled "Why I Choose to Wait." If he fails, Kathryn gets his precious vintage convertible; if he wins, he gets Kathryn--in the sack. When the movie sticks to the merry ruination of Kathryn and Sebastian's pawns, it's highly enjoyable: Gellar in particular is a two-faced manipulator extraordinaire, and Phillippe, usually a black hole, manages some fun as a hipster Eurotrash stud. Most pleasantly surprising of all is Witherspoon, who puts a remarkably self-assured spin on a character usually considered vulnerable and tortured (see Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Liaisons).

46. The Wedding Date (2005)

The Wedding Date (Full Screen Edition)

Debra Messing doesn’t want to go to her sisters wedding alone so she hire Dermot Mulroney to go with her as her boyfriend.

If you're a fan of the frazzled comic rhythms Debra Messing plies on Will & Grace, or if you're pre-sold on the concept of Dermot Mulroney as the world's most dashing heartthrob--an idea given ample evidence here--this escapist romance may provide just enough distraction. The Wedding Date's Pretty Woman-in-reverse plot finds Kat Kat Ellis (Messing) hiring expensive male escort Nick Mercer (Mulroney) to fly to London and pose as her dashing new boyfriend at her sister's wedding so she can face the best man, an ex-fiancé who broke her heart.

47. Falling in Love (1984)

It’s a beautiful story but full of complications which makes the film full of life from the beginning to the last minute.

The acting that Robert De Niro and Maryl Streep exercise within this film is truly exemplary, proving once again (The Deer Hunter) that the chemistry between the two is so powerful. They don't need to be talking in order to show it either. The amount of emotion that Streep and De Niro convey within a subtle face gesture is enormous. There remains no doubt within my mind that true lovers of the acting craft will appreciate their skill within this gem of a film. Everything about their acting makes this story so credible-- that extraordinary love can flourish and blossom among two everyday people who are currently living within two decent, good marriages.

No, this will not be the De Niro you may see in your hard core gangster filck, but that's just a sign of a great method actor! De Niro is man of many faces and emotions! He's not simply playing himself in all his roles, as opposed to many other actors. He pulls this role off brilliantly!
Bottom line: If you appreciate great acting, and are a romantic at heart, you will not be disappointed with this film. I hope that De Niro and Streep make another movie together!

48. Never Been Kissed (1999)

Never Been Kissed

This is a really sweet story about a girl, played by Drew Barrymore, who has never been kissed. In "Never Been Kissed," Drew Barrymore stars as Josie Gellar, a news reporter for the Chicago Sun Times. As the film opens, Josie receives her first undercover assignment: she must enroll in a local high school, where she will collect information about teenagers today. Josie, though excited by the challenge, is worried: her own high school years were spent as an unattractive geek, being endlessly ridiculed and humiliated by her peers. Despite what Dave McCoy said, Barrymore plays a very convincing role and is completely believeable as a geek. David Arquette, who plays Josie's lively brother Rob, also puts in a great performance. And Michael Vartan, who plays Josie's English teacher and the object of her affections, does a great job as well. This movie has an excellent ending, and it teaches you that your status in high school does not affect your career or your plans for the future. "Never Been Kissed" is the first movie I have seen in a long time that is both hilarious and meaningful at the same time, making it a definite "must-see" for everyone. I highly recommend this wonderful film to anyone looking for a great flick, even if that person has, well, never been kissed.

49. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Breakfast at Tiffany's

When you say Breakfast at Tifany’s most people immediatly comes to think of the bright star Hepburn who is excellent in the lead character.

50. Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

Memoirs of a Geisha (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

Ziyi Zhang and Suzuka Ohgo are excellent in this touching and interesting movie where we learn a lot about a totally different culture.

This movie was outstanding. It's mesmerising score from the incomparable John Williams adding weight to the perfect performances from all the lead actors and the impeccable direction of Rob Marshall. Ziyi Zhang is wonderful. I have loved her every since seeing House of Flying Daggers. Her ethereal beauty adding unspoken weight to the mammoth role of Sayuri.

51. P.S. I Love You (2007)

P.S. I Love You

This tale about love, life and death follows Holly Kennedy played by Hilary Swank “ who was left alone, literally, by her Irish hubby Gerry, played by Gerard Butler.

"PS I love you" is what I expected--and more. The cast, scenery, and especially the music all fit well together to elicit tears--and yes, occasional laughter.

Gerard Butler is fabulous as always. He's one of the best new actors around and I hope to see him for many years to come. I didn't expect that he could sing--and he does an excellent job on "Galway Girls."

In my opinion, Hillary Swank is the best part of the film. She's not your typical Hollywood ingenue. She's sometimes awkward, she doesn't always look perfect, and yet her ability to convey emotions from the highs to the lows very impressive. When she comes home from the funeral alone, picks up her cell phone and just keeps calling her home phone to hear Gerry's voice over and over on the answering machine literally brought me to tears.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the big teddy bear Billy Gallagher was also great. You've seen him before if you watched "Grey's Anatomy" playing Denny Duquette. I'm very glad to see him getting silver screen roles. If you like him, look for him in 2008 in "The Accidental Husband."

Only one warning--take some tissues with you. This film will make you cry--and occasionally laugh so hard you'll have tears in your eyes, too.

52. The Wedding Singer (1998)

The Wedding Singer

One of the best Adam Sandler movies that I’ve ever seen, “The wedding Singer” follows the love story between Robbie Hart and Julia played by Drew Barrymore.

I am not generally an Adam Sandler fan, but this film really surprised me. I liked it very much. He plays a down on his luck wedding singer that is left at the alter, and when he meets Julia played by Drew Barrymore, sparks fly. I was very surprised by the chemistry Sandler and Barrymore have on screen. A romance with a generous amount of comedy mixed in is the perfect formula.

53. Tristan and Isolde (2006)

Tristan and Isolde (Full Screen Edition)

This sweeping period piece stars Rufus Sewell who plays Lord Mark, while the title roles are taken by James Franco and Sophia Myles.

The movie begins with with young Tristan (played as a child by Thomas Sangster, Love Actually) as he sees his parents killed by the tyrannical Irish, who ruled over a fractured Britain after the Roman occupation. Taken in by Marke (Rufus Sewell, Dark City), who rules one of the British tribes, Tristan (James Franco, Spider-Man) grows up to be a young prince and a mighty warrior--and when he's believed slain in battle, he's given a royal funeral, which sends him out sea in a burning boat. But the fire goes out and Tristan washes ashore on Ireland, where Isolde (Sophia Myles, Art School Confidential), the daughter of the Irish king, nurses him back to health. Being a lovely pair of young folk bursting with hormones, they fall madly in love... and set in motion a tragic tale that's lasted for centuries in many variations. Myles and especially Sewell turn in strong performances.

54. Sex and the City the Movie (2008)

Sex and the City - The Movie (Full Screen Edition)

In this movie adaptation of the hit HBO series “Sex and the City”, Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the cast all reprise their roles to relive the characters that we’ve loved over the years.

I loved watching this HBO Series immensely and was sad to see it go off the air! So, when "Sex & The City", the movie came out, it felt like catching up with old friends you hadn't seen in a few years....

The movie still has the same cast of actors playing the roles of characters we've come to know and love. Everything in the movie clicked and felt right from the storyline, the funny situations and the blips that happen along the way. Watching the movie version of "Sex & The City" was like watching an extended version of one of the television episodes, letting us, the viewers, see where & what the characters are up to now.

55. Ever After (1998)

Ever After - A Cinderella Story

Drew Barrymore hardly ever plays in period films but she fits the role perfectly despite her bubbly personality. This is a wonderful movie. The premise may be cliché, but this is much, much more than just another "Cinderella" movie. Its effects are really quite magical--it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will totally immerse you in its spell. If you are human, it will produce a lump in your throat that will remain there for hours. Some people might call this a "woman's" movie, but I, as a man, will proclaim that it really touches my heart every time I watch it, and I freely admit that it does bring tears to my eyes. I need not go into detail describing the plot--it is a somewhat modernized Cinderella story, replete with the evil stepmother, charming prince, and angelic, mistreated heroine. Instead of a fairy godmother, there is Leonardo da Vinci--an unexpected but brilliant scripting decision, I feel. There are no magic pumpkins turning into horses and carriages, but there is magic; it is the magic of true love.

56. City of Angels (1998)

City of Angels

I know, I’ve probably watched this film a dozen times already but I still get this warm and fuzzy feeling when seeing Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage on screen together.

Nicolas Cage gives a wonderful performance as Seth, an Angel who falls in love and begins to long for the ability to express that love. Meg Ryan is Maggie, the heart surgeon who is the object of Seth's affection.

This film is for anyone who has ever loved someone as Seth does, who would trade all eternity for just one breath of her hair. If you have ever loved someone so much your heart ached when they were not with you, then you will be deeply moved by this film. It is painted in broad romantic brushstrokes and colored in rich oils not easily removed from our hearts. This is a truly memorable film you will watch over and over.

Films like this are rarely made anymore and this is one to cherish. You will never forget the line: "When they ask me what I liked best...I'll say it was You."

57. West Side Story (1961)

West Side Story (Full Screen Edition)

Most of us weren’t even born yet when this film was first shown on the big screen, so thank goodness for DVD’s and cable reruns.

58. If Only (2004)

If Only

“If Only”, a tale about a young singer songwriter who already built a life with her beau may have you confused, but the story works itself out in the end. It's a movie about the importance and impact of love, what it means to truly care about another person, how differently we might think about those we love if we were to be on the verge of losing them, and much more. The value in this film is in its creativity and in how it makes you think.

I think you'll be glad you watched it, and if you have friends or a date to talk it over with afterwards, you'll have some really provocative discussion :)

59. Across the Universe (2007)

Across the Universe (Two-Disc Special Edition)

The one song that I can’t forget about this movie is TV Carpio’s version of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” where she’s portrayed as a lovesick cheerleader. By the time we hear "Hey Jude" and "All You Need Is Love," the sentimental side of the story hits us like a ton of bricks. And that's exactly what we want.One of the simplest pleasures imaginable is to be young, in love, and free; this movie does a masterful job of giving the audience that same feeling, if only for a little while. "Across the Universe" is one of the most delightful, inventive, and refreshing films of the year, a perfect blend of music, story, and character. To see it is to be emotionally rejuvenated.

60. Mamma Mia! (2008)

Mamma Mia! The Movie (Full Screen)

I like Mamma Mia, maybe it is mind candy, maybe it does not reach the high brow standard, but it "feels good" so the pundants can take their "expert" advise and put it where "the sun don't shine", this movie makes me smile and who knew Meryl Streep could sing like that :). The "Winner Takes it All" maybe very poorly filmed according to the so called experts because the one I saw said "get me off the Merry-go-Round" but it sure sent chills down my back - let the experts rave - I know what I like, and this film made me laugh - in times like these I will take that any old time over what the high brows think I should see!

So … What did I miss ? :)

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