Women's Jeans have become such an integral part of the modern woman's wardrobe. We practically wear denim everywhere—good thing jeans aren't going out of style. If you fancy yourself a denim diva, be sure to add these three pairs to your wardrobe.

Wear to Work:

Donning denim at the office has become much more acceptable in recent years. As long as they're a crispy dark blue hue and tailored to a tee, trouser-style jeans are the epitome of casual chic. This high-rise style hides a paunchy tummy, and the flare leg elongates and flatters all figures - women's jeans .

James Jeans Humphrey Vienna

Wear on the Weekends:

Brunching with the boytoy women's jeans, shoe shopping with girls, walking the dog... all of which are activities that call for a cute, yet comfy pair of women's jeans .. Roll them up, roll them down; rock with them with a fab pair of flats, or a stunning pair of sky high heels. Boyfriend jeans are so universal.

Current/Elliott 1957 Boyfriend Jean

Wear on a Date:

As the age old saying goes.. if you've got it, flaunt it. What better way to grab (and keep) his attention then showing it all off in a pair of fitted motorcycle-style jeans? Be sure to wear a blousy top—you'll defintiely need to leave something to the imagination in these women's jeans .!

Pratts Blue Norton Motocross

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