Celebrities Pics - Kate HudsonKate Hudson looked stunning in Pantera jewelry at her press conference for her upcoming film “Bride Wars”.

Kate wore Pantera Cobra Hoop earrings and a Pantera Asp Diamond Ring. All available at www.panterajewels.com.

Styled by Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson fell in love with Pantera Jewelry and bought the Asp Ring that very same day from Pantera Jewelry designer Ola Danilina.

The earrings are 18K Gold and come with large or small gold hoops; the snakes are detachable and can be worn with any earrings. Kate is wearing them with black hoops. They retail for $1,300.

The ring is made with white gold and pave diamonds and retails for $6,560. It also comes in plain gold which retails for $1,400.

Pantera JewelryPantera Jewelry is a brand new company which was started only just six months ago and has since been worn on the red carpet by Miley Cyrus, Michelle Yeoh, Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, Julia Ormond and Jordin Sparks to name only a few.

Michelle Yeoh loves Pantera so much she wore her Pantera earcuff and necklace all throughout her promotion for The Mummy Three, she also wore it to her Birthday Party.

Jordin Sparks loved it so much she wore her earcuff to three red carpet events and then had a pinky ring made especially for her with “J” and “S” diamond charms.

Julia Ormond wore Pantera Kite earrings, Pantera Trio necklace and the Pantera Asp ring to her recent premiere of CHE.

Miley Cyrus wore Pantera Butterfly diamond ring to the American Music Awards and her Birthday celebration. Miley can also been seen wearing Pantera in her new video clip.

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