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The always stone-cold-chic Victoria Beckham was spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport in London with her entire family in tow on December 17, keeping the glam quotient high even when at the airport. She started her look off with a cozy yet structural trench (Suzabelle makes two enviable versions, the Marin Trench Coat in Grey Tweed and the Umbria Trench Coat in Slate and Grey) that showcased her bronzed gams, oversized aviators and a brown fedora. Next, she chose a blue-grey color scheme and picked a pair of suede Louboutin booties and an oversized blue-grey sequin bag (Rough Roses' Roxy Tote in Grey has a similar shape), and finished her look off with a pair of stud earrings (check out Rachel Leigh's Estelle Stud Earrings in Silver) and, of course, that huge rock of hers. A classic Posh look, don't you agree? While its obvious that V.Beck has a penchant for painfully high heels, it also doesn't come as a surprise that she suffers from one of the after-effects: the dreaded bunion. A source says, "She hates the look of the big ugly lumps, as well as the pain. But, Victoria has tracked down a device that you wear at night. It's like a foot splint and moves the toe joint slowly back into place while you sleep. She really wants to avoid surgery as it'd mean she'd be out of heels for months. The thought of wearing flats during that time terrifies her." Oh no... flats? Terrrrifying!

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