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Striving to finish all of her work before the upcoming Hanukkah holiday, Natalie Portman was spotted hard at work on the set of 17 Photos of Isabel, an adaptation of the novel Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. Rehearsing lines with co-stars Scott Cohen and Lisa Kudrow on set in New York on Dec 18, Nat was quite professionally dressed to fulfill her on screen obligations. Arriving on set in a long sleeve red sweater (check out Qi’s Drop Shoulder Scoop Top in Red Kiss) topped with a classic black blazer (like Signorelli’s comfy Logo Blazer in Black), booty hugging skinny jeans (like Tag’s Skinny No Flap Jean in Resin Rinse) and cropped black boots, Natalie wore her hair naturally straight with minimal jewelry to pick up her look. She looks so natural I can’t tell if she’s in costume or just taking her role seriously. What do you think? Looking to the future, it seems like 2009 will be a good year for Nat, with the impending release of New York, I Love You and a few other projects in the works. One thing that won’t be looking positive for Natalie? Té Casan, the footwear brand backing the Natalie Portman Collection of vegan heels, has gone out of business, one of the early victims of the economic crisis. Natalie was inspired to create the line because she couldn’t find appropriate footwear for events that weren’t made out of leather or other animal materials – what will she do now?

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