Women's Fashion - From looking as chic and cozy as Katie Holmes to exfoliating your way to supersoft skin like Mandy Moore's, Hollywood's hair and makeup stylists share their top tips for getting gorgeous. By Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester.

"Winter Fashion is the perfect time of year to rock a hat," says celebrity hairstylist Helena Faccenda. And while a knit cap like Katie Holmes's balances chic and cozy – the hair it can leave you with isn't always quite so pretty. "Hat head can be turned into a chic do with a few simple steps," Faccenda reveals the latest fashion. Before you slip on your hat, take sections of hair from front and top of head, twirl and clip high up, then head out. "When it's time to take your hat off, simply remove the clips and you will have beautifully set, voluminous waves."

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Want soft skin like Mandy Moore? Before you moisturize, you must exfoliate, reveals skincare expert Renée Rouleau. "If your skin is dry, tight and flaky, it means that you have dry skin cell build-up on the surface of the skin," she explains. "Rather than putting on extra cream, try increasing your exfoliation with a gentle facial scrub, so that when your cream goes on it hydrates the new cells rather than the dry cells."

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Hollywood crimson pouts are taking over the red carpet this season. But if natural glamour is more your thing, "Opt for a sheer berry red instead of a true crimson red lipstick," says star makeup artist Nick Barose, who went with Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Mulberry when creating Kyra Sedgwick's premiere look. The universally flattering stains last for hours without touch-ups and give you "the classy, understated red lips of Grace Kelly," he says, "instead of sexpot Marilyn Monroe's fire-engine red lips."

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Ashley Tisdale knows to warm up her look when the weather turns cool – going for a deeper, darker hair color. "It just looks fresher for winter," says Jason Backe, Master Colorist at Ted Gibson Salon, who always recommends that his clients deepen their current hue with the season.

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Giving new meaning to "feathered" hair, stars like Amy Adams are adding instant glamour to their locks with the latest accessory – chic hair plumes. "The holidays provide an opportunity to be a bit more playful with our hair," says Léa Journo, celebrity hair stylist and creative director of the Léa Journo Salon. "There are so many great ornamental options right now." Tap into your creative side by clipping in a few feathers or picking up a feathered headband.

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Trying out every product in the quest for a perfect complexion like Jessica Simpson's may be tempting. But, says Dr. Ellen Marmur, chief dermatologist at N.Y.C.'s Mount Sinai Medical Center, overdoing it is one of the biggest – and priciest – beauty mistakes. "Keep it safe and simple," she says. "Pick a nice cleanser and a great moisturizer and a few good sunscreens. That is your best investment." And while Terralina is among the doctor's favorite brands, whichever you choose, "a rich moisturizer will give the appearance of fewer wrinkles and a better complexion by eliminating dryness."

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Jessica Biel shows off one of Hollywood's hottest ways to get an instant hair make-over: a half up, half down do. Celebrity hairstylist and InStyler developer Dean Banowetz calls it a "sexy bohemian look that's just really fresh." Best of all, no matter what your hair's length, the texture-building style "looks good on virtually everyone!" Just divide around the crown, pull back, pin and let the sides cascade.

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Finish applying your makeup with a couple of sweeps of mascara? Celebrity makeup artist Napoleon Perdis wants you to rethink your routine. "Always apply mascara as your first step!" he says. "It creates a map for your makeup look." Want to get the longest lashes possible, like Lucy Liu's? Perdis recommends Long Black Mascara from his star-tested cosmetics line.

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Spray shine like Citré Shine Laminator may be many hairstylists' go-to product for adding instant sheen to locks, but its beauty superpowers don't end with hair. Banowetz reveals that it can also give skin a lasting overall glow (like Alicia Keys's red carpet look). "Spray shine is so versatile that I can use it on the hair for intense shine under TV and stage lights, then I spray it on the body after lotion for a soft sheen that looks great on-camera," he says.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones's timeless red lips are one of the season's simplest – and most on-trend – steps to instant glam. "The perfect pout is finally taking center stage!" says Lancome makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. "Women are having a lot more fun with makeup than they've had in a long time." And changing up your look is all about keeping a fun and free attitude. "You’ve got to wear color with a little bit of confidence," he says.

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"I'm all for keeping that bronzed glow going through winter," says Carol Shaw, Hollywood makeup artist and creator of LORAC Cosmetics. To get a perfect all-year tan like Jenniffer Aniston's - without the worry of sun damage – Shaw recommends faking it with a product like LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer. The key to looking naturally sun-kissed? Dust bronzer only "on the cheeks, tip of the nose, chin and a little on the forehead," she says.

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Styling products are always important, but the secret to getting perfectly coiffed hair is as much in what you take out of your hair as what you put into it, reveals celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, who has a styling line with Kate Hudson. "Rinsing is the best kept secret – and I do mean rinse!" he says. "Rinsing thoroughly is vital to removing all traces of dirt and oil. I love a clean canvas to create my masterpieces!"

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To create curls that will survive for hours, like America Ferrara's Emmy look, star hairstylist Daniel Howell uses his signature double-barreled curling technique. "Use a tighter curling iron at the roots than the ends," he says. Heat up a ¾-in. and a 1¼-in barrel iron. Working in small sections, use the smaller iron to wrap from the middle of strands to scalp. "Then come back with your larger iron from middle to ends," he says. "It works great!"

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Changing up your makeup look doesn't mean you have to ditch your signature style. Try swapping your standard shadow shade for something that's a little bolder – but still totally you. "Pump up the intensity of your eyes with a smoky eye in deeper, darker jewel tones," recommends makeup artist Sue Devitt. A jewel-toned eye, like Jennifer Hudson's sapphire shadow, works especially well "for a sultry and sophisticated holiday look."

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"It's all about the face-framing fringe," says master hairstylist Fritz Clay. And while the on-trend hairstyle is perfectly suited to wearing down, having "fun bangs," says Clay, whether they're fringy, long, peekaboo, or heavy like Mischa Barton's, also lets you change your look in an instant simply by pulling hair back in a pony tail or twist.

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Long bobs like Gwyneth Paltrow's are everywhere this season "because everyone's growing out their hair," says celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess of Warren-Tricomi L.A. To make over your look without a cut, try "a voluminious '60s-inspired Bond girl bob," she recommends. Use a 1.5-in. barrel curling iron to give all-over curls, let cool and brush gently.

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"A great blow-dry is a template for everything you want to do with your hair and will keep you frizz-free," says celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims. His technique for getting a perfect blow-out like Beyoncé's? Apply a smoothing serum to wet hair, and then dry out at least 60 percent of the moisture. Next, use a round brush to dry section by section, nape to crown. To keep your blow-out looking flawless, "sleep with a silk bonnet on," he says. "Fantastic!"

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"This fall it's all about long, lush lashes," says star makeup artist Kela Wong of Jose Eber, Beverly Hills. Wong recommends Givenchy's revolutionary Phenomen'Eyes mascara, which, she says "gives you lashes where you don't even see lashes." For an even bolder look like Jada Pinkett Smith's, experiment with false eyelashes in easy-to-apply strips.

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Get rid of dry, cracked lips overnight with Wong's star-tested exfoliating secret. "Put on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lip cream when you go to bed," she says. "In the morning take a clean toothbrush and go over lips using circular motions." Soft, smooth lips are the perfect base for glossy red lips like Leighton Meester's.

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"Your tools are everything!" Lancôme makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor says of the secret to a flawless-looking complexion like Keira Knightley's this fall – a foundation brush is your magic wand. "It puts on just the right amount of foundation and blends it into skin for flawless finish." Don't forget to use the proper technique: "Hold at the far end of the brush, and use a soft touch so it doesn't press into your skin, but glides across the surface."

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When it comes to styling your hair into an updo, "less is more this fall!" says Sims. And stars like Lauren Conrad are already showing off one of Sims's favorite chic-and-easy hairstyles. "I love what I call the two-second updo," he says. "Just throw it up there! Anything that's falling out or messy-looking works with it."

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When going for a smoky eye like Anne Hathaway's, "you should always have more on the top than on the bottom," says Sotomayor. "It makes eyes bigger, brighter and more awake." After applying a lid primer like Lancôme Aquatique, brush shadow over the entire lid. Use a smudger brush to blend – then get the perfect amount under the eye by using just the residual shadow left on the brush to blend just under your lower lashes. Finish with lots of mascara.

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"Braids are fantastic" for adding flair to any hairstyle, like Hayden Panettiere's plaits, says Sims. "French braids, double twist, messy braids – they all add texture and a different level of life to the hair."

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Day or night, the statement headband is a go-to look for an instant hair makeover. Whether you choose feathers, flowers, leathers or gems, it's all about the placement. "The modern way to place a headband is more forward," says hair accessory designer Jennifer Behr, creator of Maggie Gyllenhaal's band. Instead of pushing the band through styled hair, carefully "place it over the top of your hair, a little closer to hairline."

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It's easy to keep skin flawless with one simple step: Slather on sunscreen. Rain or shine, "you can never skip this step!" says Dr. Allison F. Singer of the Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics. "Sunscreen is the number one most important step in anyone's skincare regimen," she says – and the best way to prevent wrinkles, skin cancers and brown spots. The simplest way to make sure you're always protected, especially if you are as fair as Julianne Moore? Choose a moisturizing cream with SPF 20 or higher for everyday wear.

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