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Anne Hathaway
paid a special visit to the St. Aloysius School in Harlem, NY on December 15 to share some grub and good times with the students. Looking very perky in a crimson red top (like Tricia Fix’s Betsey Top in Infred), camel double breasted overcoat, and dark indigo skinnies (try the ProportionofBlu’s Cinque Buttercup Fit Jean in Indigo), Anne was all smiles as she stepped out of the school in her simple ballet flats and oversized sunnies.

Adding tiny red lightning bolt earrings (try Maya Brenner’s festive Garnet Disc Briolette Earrings in 14K Gold) and a long strap tote in a cinnamon hue (the same shade as EDE Studio’s Small Knitting Bag in Brown), I have to say Anne looks quite polished for her venture into New York’s not-so-savory parts.

Anne’s appearance featured the kick off of the special holiday collaboration between Netflix and the charity organization Feeding America, now in their second year working together for a good cause. Anne had the privilege of unveiling a collection of holiday print designs created for the charity by a handful of celebrities including herself, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba. The holiday themed artwork will decorate gift subscriptions purchased from now until Dec 29, and 100 limited edition gift boxes are available on the site for $5,000 a pop. 100% of the proceeds for each box will be donated to Feeding America, generating enough funds to provide 80,000 meals in the upcoming year.

That’s a lot of food for one generous gift! If you can spare the cash, make your way to netflix.com now and become one of the lucky few to benefit the charity, receive a lifetime rental membership to the website, and sleep comfortably at night knowing you’re making a difference in countless children’s lives. What more could you want this holiday?

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