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Always the one to make quite an entrance, Victoria Beckham was spotted heading into dinner at the Harbour Hotel in Dubai on January 3, in addition to hubby David and his AC Milan teammates. Clad in Dolce & Gabanna's origami corset dress (for more wearable, yet similar, options, check out Ingwa Melero's Sofia Dress in Jet Black or Black Halo's Trapunto Sheath Dress in Black) and sky-high stilettos, Victoria added a pretty black satin bow to her cropped locks and kept the jewelry minimal (with the exception of her always jaw-dropping wedding ring).

This gown is something that most of you wouldn't wear, however, how do you think it looks on VB? The corset top looks like it was practically made for her, ahem, cosmetically enhanced assets! In (ridiculous) Victoria news, it seems that V's New Year's resolution might be to swear off new shoes. No, not because she's in pain from the skyscraping heels, but because she doesn't have room to store them! Beckham was quoted as saying, "I just adore shoes, but I've bought so many. And I only really wear them a few times. My shoe wardrobe can't contain any more, so it's becoming a bit of a joke. I think I need to draw the line somewhere and lose some shoes." I love how these are the problems that Victoria Beckham has to deal with...

Victoria Beckham seen in Dubai on Jan 03 2009.

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