Lingerie is absolutely feminine this Spring in a pretty palette of innocent white, peach and pink and a vast garden of floral prints, ranging from oversize roses to dainty flowers. Even in electric-bright hues, festive prints exude a romantic Mediterranean and Spanish flavor.

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Designers look to nature for inspiration this Spring and treat it with a whimsical charm. Flowers were interpreted tactilely as sprouting rosettes and artistically in rose, wildflower and butterfly prints.

4572 Thmb Roses02 4573 Thmb Roses034574 Thmb Roses04
4575 Thmb Roses05 4576 Thmb Roses06 4577 Thmb Roses07

Ditsy Florals

Dainty, ditsy and teeny-tiny floral prints in pretty colors appear to have walked out of a pastoral setting.

4580 Thmb Florals02 4581 Thmb Florals034582 Thmb Florals04

4583 Thmb Florals054597 Thmb Floral064579 Thmb Florals02

Mediterranean Heat

Warm, vibrant colors coupled with fluid paisley prints take on the feel of Spain and the Mediterranean.

4584 Thmb Heat014585 Thmb Heat024586 Thmb Heat03

4588 Thmb Heat044589 Thmb Heat054590 Thmb Heat06

Return to Innocence

Lingerie shows a pure, innocent side that is a little bit country and vintage. Airy white cotton, ivory satin and soft peach colors are paired with covered buttons, crochet trims, eyelet details and ribbons.

4591 Thmb Innocence014592 Thmb Innocence024593 Thmb Innocence03

4594 Thmb Innocence044595 Thmb Innocence054596 Thmb Innocence06

The Lounge Life

Buttery soft loungewear is stripped of the normal lace trimmings in favor of shiny silk accents and clean edges. Racerbacks, colorblocking and stripes have an athletic hint, while still being feminine in draping shapes and soft yellow, dove gray and oatmeal shades.

4598 Thmb Lounge014599 Thmb Lounge024600 Thmb Lounge03

4601 Thmb Lounge044602 Thmb Lounge054603 Thmb Lounge06

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