Once in a while, it can be exciting to put on some sexy lingerie and strut your stuff- but when you have problem areas that you’re not too confident about it can all go down the drain. So here is a list of lingerie that’s right for your body type.

Big Tummy

If you have a little bulge you’re worried about, stop worrying! You can easily hide that nuisance by donning the right lingerie. A baby-doll cami does double duty: it skims over your middle and makes you look super sexy! baby-doll cami
You can also conceal a pouch with a high-waisted brief- sex it up with some lace while you’re at it!


If you’re heavy up there and you’re not too comfortable bouncing around, try to lift and separate with an underwire bra. Frilly details make full bosoms look more delicate. A soft cup bra will stretch to fit your twins.

underwire bra

Small Chest

To emphasize your small chest, a triangle bra’s unique shape lends that fullness.Lace and prints further embellish the truth. You could also go for a good push-up bra.

triangle bra


If you’ve got a behind that you’d like to minimize, boy-shorts will do just that. It’ll hug you in all the right places, and leave the other stuff concealed. Boy shorts in a cotton/spandex blend give the most support. You can also add lace as an accent.

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