Leona may already be one of the world's best singers, but it's her amazing fashion sense has got everyone talking.

Fame hasn't changed Leona and she's still the same sweet, girl-next-door that won the X Factor. Well, except that she's had a jam-packed week of performing around the world and has been spotted in some super glam outfits.

Our fave is this adorable, Alice In Wonderland-inspired pink and black dress that she wore last night at the Bambi Awards in Germany.

This pale pink and black prom dress really suits Leona and is very flattering, even though she already has a fab figure. She completes the looks with glossy, tousled hair, natural make-up and a Gwen Stefani-style alice band bow.

The key to acheiving Leona's girly look is finding an adorable dress, then keeping the accessories and make-up simple, and let your natural sweetness shine through.

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