35 Most Fashionable Winter Coats…

Winter season is here, Girls, and so are the most fabulous winter coats!

Top designers came up with the most beautiful cuts for this fashion season. So, we had a looot to choose from to create this 35 Most Fashionable Winter Coats list!

From Marc Jacobs’ double-breasted silhouette to Versace clean cut, they all are simply fabulous and waiting for your expert evaluation!

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Wool Trench Coat

$578.00, visit www.eluxury.com


It’s classic, it’s wool and it’s Marc Jacobs - looks like a very smart and stylish buy for this winter season!

2. Juicy Couture Pleated Double-Breasted Coat

$498.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Double breasted coats are very “it” this winter, I especially love the way the buttons are. A very stylish piece!

3. Versace Runway Wool Coat

$3,145.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Isn’t it the cutest color? I like black coats a lot, but if you can get one as fabulous and bright as this one, you’ve got to have it! Only imagine how gorgeous you will look in the black/brown/grey winter crowd…

4. Dior Eclipse Swing Coat

$3,135.00, visit www.eluxury.com


I am in love with this coat… I am especially blown away by this scarlet red! If I had 3 thousands for a winter coat, I would not hesitate a second!

5. Zac Posen Shetland Swing Coat

$2,100.00, visit www.eluxury.com


I am a huge fan of Zac Posen and I very much like this Shetland Swing coat. It reminds me a bit of Valentino whose designs are too a true perfection…

6. Fendi Belted Wool Crepe Coat

$1,430.00, visit www.eluxury.com


This Fendi coat is wonderful! The cut is perfect - it will beautifully compliment the figure…

7. Proenza Schouler Wool Capelet

$995.00, visit www.eluxury.com


This is one cute capelet! It will look magnificent with elbow-high gloves in a bright, vibrant color, like pink, scarlet, bright purple or blue…

8. Robert Rodriguez Fur Collar Coat

$825.00, visit www.eluxury.com


This coat is definitely interesting! The length is perfect, the belt and the double-breasted cut are great, I only wish the fur collar was a bit more luxurious, more dramatic…

9. Juicy Couture Diamond Riding Coat

$598.00, visit www.eluxury.com


I just love this cute Juicy Couture coat! Such a refreshing and youthful pattern!

10. Jean Paul Gaultier Peaked Collar Wool Coat

$2,835.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Isn’t this coat gorgeous? The ivory color, the clean cut - this coat says “grace” and “elegance”…

11. D&G Runway Tartan Coat

$1,495.00, visit www.eluxury.com


This is one stylish coat from Dolce and Gabbana! It will look so amazing with knee high black boots and an oversized bag…

12. Dolce & Gabbana Belted A-Line Overcoat

$1,995.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Speaking of the talented Italians, here is another gorgeous coat from their Dolce & Gabbana collection! It’s a simple, yet fabulous coat you would wear for years…

13. Mayle Ludovine Coat

$895.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Yet another beautiful coat inspired by the 50-s… I am not a big fan of grey, but somehow this coat looks fantastic in this color!

14. Twenty8Twelve Crombie Coat

$630.00, visit www.eluxury.com


I think this coat is beautiful… If only it was on a different model or this picture would have been shot at a different angle… I had a rain coat with a similar cut and it looked amazing!

15. L.A.M.B. Houndstooth-Trimmed Coat

$525.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Awe… this coat is adorable! The color, the line of the buttons, the flirty short length… isn’t it cute?

16. Derek Lam Riding Jacket

$1,790.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Oh, my! I think I am in love with this fabulous Derek Lam riding jacket! The silhouette is a perfection!

17. Michael Kors Cashgora Cape Coat

$2,295.00, visit www.eluxury.com


Whites look so wonderful in winter! I am sure this cape coat will not be an exception!

18. Versace Wool Coat with Chain Belt

$3,174.00, visit www.eluxury.com


This is yet another Versace coat that will be on my Dream Coat list… So elegant, so beautifully cut…

19. Bi La Li Wool boucle belted coat

$935, visit net-a-porter.com


This black wool coat is a wonderful piece for winter! I am loving the belt and the length of the sleeve - looks beautiful!

20. See by Chloe Oversized Mod Coat

$875, visit net-a-porter.com


Is it just me or you too are starting to love winter coats in color? This Chloe coat looks so youthful and refreshing…

21. Celine Full-skirted Wool Coat

$1,950, visit net-a-porter.com


Another gorgeous white coat… Am I the only one who goes weak in the knees for this Celine piece?

22. See by Chloe Wool Cotton Blend Coat

$995, visit net-a-porter.com


I can not say I am head over heels for this coat, but I am sure there are girls who will be crazy about it…

23. Fendi Collarless White Coat

$2,520, visit net-a-porter.com


What a coat, Ladies! What a very luxurious piece… When I look at this gorgeous Fendi creation all I can think of is Wiliamina Slater (or Vanessa Williams) from Ugly Betty series, don’t you think this coat will be perfect on her? :)

24. Paul & Joe Cleandre Wool Blend Coat

$1,205, visit net-a-porter.com


This little coat is adorable! I am sure it will look beautiful with anything you put on - skinny jeans, pencil skirts - anything…

25. MCQ Wool Blend Peacoat

$745, visit net-a-porter.com


Yet another double-breasted wool miracle! It will look so smashing with super high boots!

26. Burberry Hemmingway Quilted Trench

$1,795, visit net-a-porter.com


This is probably the most stylish quilted piece I’ve ever seen! Beautiful job, Burberry!

27. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Jabot Wool Coat

$1,380, visit net-a-porter.com


Even if “Vivienne Westwood” wasn’t written above this picture, I am sure you would have easily guessed who this Anglomania creation belongs to! Very feminine, very sexy, very Vivienne Westwood!

28. Michael Kors Optic Wave Coat

$2,495, visit net-a-porter.com


I must admit I am still lost here… Despite the fact that the cut is good, the optic waves seem to be a bit too much for my eyes. I wonder if you find this coat appealing…

29. Fendi Babydoll Trench

$1,850, visit net-a-porter.com


If you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, you could probably get away with this cute and flirty Fendy trench this winter! We envy you, btw…

30. Aquascutum Hatia Coat

$2,900, visit net-a-porter.com


Liking the color, liking the buttons. Not liking the shape. And what about you? Liking it at all?

31. Matthew Williamson Chapelle Weave Coat

$2,875, visit net-a-porter.com


I never thought I would say it, but I actually like this hippie inspired coat! The only problem with it is that you would need to have at least 2 more different ones for a change.

32. Aquascutum Tara Wool Coat

$3,250, visit net-a-porter.com


This coat is definitely beautiful! Very strict, yet very sexy. Looks like something Angelina Jolie would wear!

33. Burberry Wool Jersey Trench

$1,195, visit net-a-porter.com


You could never do wrong with a simple classic cut, especially when it’s Burberry!

34. Miu Miu Fringed Tartan Peacoat

$1,480, visit net-a-porter.com


I know, that’s a lot of fringe… But if you are in a playful Miu Miu kind of mood, this is the coat you could try!

35. Miu Miu Double-Breasted Princess Coat

$1,320, visit net-a-porter.com


Aren’t you loving the color of this Miu Miu coat? With such a piece over your shoulders you will be surely noticed even on the coldest days!

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